Poster sessions form an integral part of the conference and will be displayed in prominent locations for the duration of the meeting.

Delegates interested in presenting posters are requested to submit abstracts by 31 August 2019 via the website.

Posters should be designed in portrait format, with the size not exceeding 1,000mm x 2,400 mm (39.37” x 94.49″). You may consider A0 paper size (1,189 mm x 841 mm; 46.81″ x 33.11″) or B0 paper size (1,414mm x 1,000 mm; 55.67″ x 39.37″). We recommend that you print on canvas or cloth (easy transport), although traditional paper print with laminate will be fine.

More detail regarding the poster presentation will be made available closer to the time.

What can i use to put up my poster?

  • Double-sided tape (broad, not narrow) to fit the poster on a PVC surface of the poster board. Some double sided tape will be provided.
  • Nails, glue and staple guns may not be used. Prestick and similar putty-like adhesives do not work well.